Barbecue Matches

We export a range of specially developed barbecue matches. They are much longer compared to the normal matchsticks. As the name implies, they are used for barbecue applications. The matches are designed using premium grade wooden splints. Our matches are blended with aspen sticks to make these pertinent for other applications as well apart from barbeque uses. The uniform phosphorous heads of the sticks are available in a variety of colours like brown, red, blue and green.Our long stick matches that are safe to use, handy and made from quality tested raw materials.

These extra-long wooden matches burn easily burn, have smooth burn and have smooth burning. Our entire assortment is packed with best quality packing materials. We ensure the quality till the very end.The superior quality barbecue, long matches and fire place matches are made from fine quality raw materials. We provide these in extra-long stick size, which can burn easily. Further, we manufacture these products in tandem with international quality standards.

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  • Free from splits
  • Extra lengthy sticks - 95mm match Box
  • Consistent burning
  • Safe stick length
  • Attractive graphical design
  • Quality approved
  • Quality standard (EN – 1783 : 1997 : SAF)
  • Available in dotted friction edge
  • Accessible in 95mm match Box

Available Sizes

  • 112 X 17.5 X 17.5 mm – 15 sticks
  • 112 X 48 X 10 mm – 24 sticks
  • 112 X 48 X 20 mm – 40 sticks
  • 110 X 65 X 15 mm – 35 sticks
  • 110 X 64 X 19 mm – 40 sticks


Stick size 95 mm
Stick quantity 10 – 50 average
Print of the box 4 colour printing up to ‘8’ colour painting can be provided.
Price The price calculated for one carton box
Outer box 290gsm
Stick material white wooden splints
Brand Name Buyer’s Choice
Side Friction Dotted/ or Honey cut
Head color Brown, Red, Blue, Green
Inner box 300gsm


10 box X 10 box – 4 packed, 400 boxes in one carton box

Minimum Order

10,000 pieces – and additional are one more 10,000 pieces

Payment terms

We require (60%) upon signing a contract, remaining
– (40%) with in the following ‘4’ weeks. In the event of failure to pay the remaining balance the order will not be supplied.

Delivery deadline

‘4’ weeks from the approval of graphic design – Goods loaded on the sealed truck or sea container