Cardboard Match Boxes

The offered product is made using advanced grade duplex board and soft wood. The box poses a striking appearance and smooth finish. The frictional edge on the side ensures safe and soft ignition of the matchsticks. Our matches ignite in one strike. The match boxes are damp proof. The splints remain intact and do not become brittle. Cardboard match boxes we export are used in hotels, restaurants and home kitchens.Our organization is engaged in trading and exporting of cardboard match boxes that is especially manufactured and customized as per clients’ specific requirements.

The cardboard match boxed is made of quality duplex board.These have been designed and manufactured to assure the users with great utility from the matches and ensuring complete safety. We export superior quality carbonized match sticks, which burn easily. We supply regular pocket matches that are widely used in every house hold. These are made from high quality raw material like cardboard and soft wood. We manufacture all kind of cardboard matches as per all the market standards and as per all quality standards.

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  • Moist resistant
  • Safe stick length
  • Damp proof
  • Easy ignition
  • Single strike ignition
  • High glow
  • Flawless striking surface


Box Sizes 108x65X20 mm
51x36x15 mm
51x35x14 mm
51x35x12 mm
49x35x13 mm
Splint sizes 46/42/40 mm
Splints Imported Poplar Splints/Malabarica splints
Packing 10 x 10 x 10 (Can be customized)
No. of cartons in a container 1000 Cartons to 2900 Cartons
Box Sizes 85x55x28 mm
51x35x15 mm
52x35x12 mm
50x35x13 mm
49x35x12 mm
No. of sticks per box 50/45/40/35 | 240/180 (Household matches)
Side friction Fully tinted with border/Dotted with margin
No. of match boxes per carton 1000 to 1440 boxes (As per client requirement)