Coconut Shell Charcoal

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Coconut Shell charcoal is used widely as domestic and industrial fuel. It is also used by foundries Activated Carbon produced from coconut shell has certain specific advantages as the raw material can adsorb certain molecules and because of its density retains good strength and physical properties.

First of all, it is completely eco-friendly product, which is made from sustainable natural resources.

Coconut Shell Charcoal is made from the process of carbonization through destructive distillation. In this process, the coconut shells undergo incomplete burning in oxygen-controlled environment. Tons of coconut shells are processed to prepare coal which is made available in convenient ovoid and annular ring...

We offer good quality Coconut Shell Charcoal which is made from the process of Carbonization. Shell charcoal is used widely as domestic and industrial fuel.

In Many Developing Countries (such as Indonesia, India, Malaysia) Charcoal is the Primary Cooking Fuel for urban and rural Household and restaurants. The demand of restaurant Charcoal has increased rapidly, and we are able to supply best Quality, Furthermore its burning power is awesome! It is Ideal for BBQ Grill, Traditional baking and Cooking etc..

Product Specification :

Product Coconut shell Char coal
Moisture 15%
Dust 3%
Ash 2%


25 kg/50kg Bags


  • Load ability of 20ft container : 12.5 Metric Ton
  • Load ability of 40ft container : 25 Metric Ton

Payment Terms

TT- 35% Advance and 65% against scanned copy of shipment documents / Irrevocable L/C (with prime bank)