Wax Match Box

Our range of wax match boxes is made with tissue paper and paraffin wax. The wax coating on the matches gives excellent splint strength, flawless flame and suitability in all weather conditions. In our wax matchbox range, we offer maxi sizes, regular sizes and mini-portable sizes. Wax match boxes are popularly used by smokers.Our range of wax safety match boxes is made from tissue paper which is finally chopped as well as coated with paraffin wax.The tissue paper is blended with wax, so as to give splints better strength.

This ensures smooth flame suitable for all climatic conditions.These are available in various size and design. It comes with plain striking surface, dotted striking surface, jointed striking surface with four side margin. Wax safety matches are made of quality duplex board of both inner and outer. Wax safety matches have an advantage of burning in damp condition and a perfect flame transfer to splints.The wax matches are best suited of cigar smokers at it glow well.

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We are supplying a wide range of wax match box such as

  • Wax match box regular
  • Wax match box mini


  • Made using premium quality paraffin wax paper
  • Available in small size
  • Burn for a longer period
  • Eco friendly
  • Can burn in damp conditions
  • Supreme flame transferring to splint
  • Durable burning
  • Safe to use with no splint fracture
  • Supreme glow
  • Moist free
  • Easy to light and safe to use
  • Do not dump/moisture free/ very handy for use


Box Sizes 44x32x12 mm
Box Sizes 51x36x12 mm
No of sticks per box 50/40/35/30
Packing 10 x 10 x 10
No. of cartons in a container 1500 to 4000 Cartons
Box Sizes 43x30x10 mm
Splint size 32/30 mm
Side friction Fully tinted with border/Dotted with margin
No. of matches per carton 1000


Art board 300gsm

Payment terms

50% Advance (T/TBank Transfer at sight)

Mode of Quantity

1X40ft FCL – container